Meet The Founder/CEO

Dotralee is a Florida native, happily married and the proud mother of four children. Dotralee has served youth and families for over 15 years in residential and community settings. Dotralee has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with an Emphasis on Homeland Security and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Dotralee serves as the Executive Director of Programs and Services within the company. The focus is to provide every youth, family, and individual with the transitional skills needed to increase their self-sufficiency. Dotralee has taken both good and bad life experiences and transitioned it into the life she visioned for herself and her family.

“By using proven strategies and transitioning out of my comfort zone, I have the flexibility I’ve always wanted. I envisioned myself as a boss, having a business and working a schedule that is right for me and my family. Now let me help do the same for you. I will introduce you to concepts and processes that work to uncover new possibilities for you. We will work together to create and implement an action plan to get you to the next level.” – Dotralee