Transitional Services

Productive Pathways Transitional Services, Inc. has been designed to serve every youth, family, and individual. We ensure every low-income household has the resources, services, and tools they need to increase their self-sufficiency.

PPTS case management services provide a direct connection to a case manager who will use concepts, strategies, and processes that will work to uncover new possibilities. We are seeking clients willing to work directly with a case manager to create a action plan to get to the next level of self-sufficiency.

● Career Counseling and Employment Services
● Education & Training
● Community Re-Entry and Work Experience Referrals
● Transitional Coaching
● Financial Literacy
● Confidence Coaching

Non-Crisis Intervention
● Non-Therapeutic Counseling
● Tele-Case Management
● Mentoring
● Youth Enrichment and Interpersonal Self Development

Crisis Intervention
● Referrals