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One Hand to Another

In 2013 One Hand to Another mentoring group first mentored to a group of 6th grade girls. And in 2015 - 2016 One Hand to Another Mentoring Group mentored to a group of 7th and 8th grade girls. These girls had the opportunity to participate/volunteer in various community service activities. In addition, One Hand to Another had the opportunity to mentor some of the most amazing girls. These girls are A, B honor roll students, awesome athletes, college focused and to top it off they are very respectful and well mannered.  

One Hand to Another mentors youth from grades 6th to 12th and from all walks of life. Our mission is to reach as many youth as possible to help educate, mentor, and boost self-esteem etc. Some of the activities/topics discussed during our group meetings are bullying, career choices/college, self-esteem, volunteer services, vision board/short term – long term goals, health/fitness, and jail/juvenile justice system. All of our mentors has years of experience working with at-risk youth along with the educational background in guiding each youth in the right direction.

The History of One Hand to Another

 Dotralee at the time was working as a Program Specialist at an all girls halfway house which was a program for girls who had been court-ordered to serve 6-9 months in the program. There was a youth who was in the program and her time had come to be discharged. After a week or so of being released this youth was found in a hotel deceased. In 2012 Dotralee came up with One Hand to Another girl's mentoring group. And in 2013 Dotralee then had the opportunity to mentor to an amazing group of 6th to 8th grades girls. And from there One Hand to Another mentoring group was formed.                                        


Connecting With a Transitional Strategist

 The most prominent value a transitional strategist brings to their clients is effective strategies when doing it on your own becomes more challenging then you thought. A transitional strategist is a coach who can help you accomplish the things that would take much longer if you did them on your own.  

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